A few days in Vienna




We caught the train from Prague to Vienna and stayed in a hotel just opposite Prince Eugene's Belvedere Palace and immediately dashed into the park to see it again. We would be keep on coming back to the park as the surroundings were so beautiful. The Klimt's exhibited inside the palace were just amazing.

And then to a concert of Mozart's music. Fortunately there was a bar serving food in the Concert Hall so Stephany was able to keep famine at bay.
Then it's off to the Hofburg to see some of the treasures there. Robert always likes to go and look at the early imperial treasures and the possessions of the 12th century Norman kings of Sicily in the Treasury that the Hapsburg's inherited. We also went around the imperial apartments again.
Then on to the Kunsthistorisches Museum the next day to see in particular the works of BRueghel, Holbein and Vermeer
And, of course there are the Klimt's in the Secession Building
And the food is so delicious
It's that woman again! Notice the clean plate and the hand clutching the mobile. Couldn't get more typical than that.
It's St Stephen's Cathedral next. But that restaurant is not far away!