A Summer in  

Illustrated by sketches

taken in the year 1814

The following sketches were taken from a journal kept by a visitor to Rottingdean during the Summer of 1814. Unfortunately the author is not known. The original may be consulted at the  Brighton & Hove Public Library


Rottingdean from the hills


The Green with the Inn- The green was formerly called Welfare's Green after a former landlord of the White Horse Hotel. The view looks towards the old King of Prussia Inn, subsequently named the white horse hotel and demolished in the 1930's to make way for the present hotel of the same name. Note the old post  mill in the distance that stood on the east side of the village at the top of Bazehill Road.  This was demolished in 1818.

The Old Library



Captain Dunk's cottage - This is just south of the village pond and is now known as Whipping Post House. It was formerly the home of Captain Dunk, the local butcher and reputed to be a local smuggler.


Brighton Donkey Chaise


St Margaret's Church


Parsonage from the Churchyard- The parsonage is an old Georgian building that is now known as the Grange


The Old Manor House


The Parsonage from the west


Rottingdean cliffs, Brighton in the distance


Rottingdean from Mill Hill


Rottingdean cliffs and bathing machines



Collier run on shore


A Brighton Darby

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